The Peoples Platform

The Peoples Platform


The principles of the Peoples Platform are based on the Constitution – “WE THE PEOPLE”. The government is for and by the People. We must return our government to the people. The people’s platform works at all levels of government; federal, state and local, and allows for the elected officials to represent the cause and beliefs of the people.

These are the issues that Americans demand from our politicians. Americans WILL NOT argue that one political party is better than the other. Americans WILL NOT adopt the platform of any candidate or their party. Americans elect politicians who adopt OUR POLICY and OUR PLATFORM. The days of the 2 party system has abruptly ended.

To return American to the people, we stand together with strength in numbers that will defeat the status quo. United we will change the course of American politics that leave special interest groups and lobbyist as ghosts of our past. Political rhetoric is history and is being replaced by political reality. A transparent government only hides the truth and fakes the American People into believing something that is not true. The American people demand a simple government where full disclosures can be read by 7th graders: Simplicity not Transparency.

We the People stand firm in our beliefs that freedom is not given it is earned. We will protect our freedom with our voices, keyboards and votes. Join with us or expect plan B.

    1. The federal government has no obligation to provide any service that can be provided by private business and/or state and local government. The federal government’s responsibility is only applied where the services would be duplicated by the majority of the states or where the services are for the protection of one state from the actions of another state.
    2. State responsibilities only apply when the services offered by the State benefit all local level governments. State governments will not regulate any aspect of private business except to protect the rights of all citizens within the state.
    3. Local governments shall have the responsibility to set the rules and laws for the citizens of their community. Local government will not create any “special interest” groups or government operated agencies but will use private businesses in all manners except operating the local elected officials. No state or federal law, rule or regulation shall dictate to the local governments except where the rules, laws or regulations adversely affect the lives of citizens within other local governments. This is not to be extended to include civil rights, only criminal activities.
    4. The people within each community shall define their distinct level of government.


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The federal government provides resources to all states to define the curriculum required to attain the best educated graduates in the world. The education department will define 25 master degree programs, research world class educational curriculum and separate the curriculum into the appropriate grade levels for distribution to the individual public and private school districts.


Private business, not the government, benefit from the development of alternative resources for energy. Local communities and state governments have control over the user of public lands within their geography. The energy department develops a national database of energy knowledge and distributes the knowledge to private businesses, educational institutions and the American public.

Health Care

The government will coordinate with private insurance companies a national health care program for all Americans. There will be 3 levels of health care: 1) Pay as you go; 2) payroll deductions; and 3) national clinics – all run by private businesses in a competitive marketplace. No medical expenses shall be taxed and no sales tax applied to any medical care.The department of health, in conjunction with educational institutions and private business will develop, monitor and report on the costs associated with specific medical procedures and illnesses across the globe creating a benchmark for costs in America. Publishing this information allows Americans to realize the costs other countries pay. This knowledge will provide Americans the choice to make educated decisions and the free enterprise environment will create true competition with insurance companies, hospitals and doctors.


The best defense of our freedom is creating fear in our enemies. Fear of our determination and our resources determines who and where battles are fought.

The majority of financial contributions of Americans through taxation support the defense of the country as directed in the Constitution. The American military must be the strongest, best equipped and best led force in the world.

The department of defense will have 100% responsibility for all defense actions – domestic and international. The department of defense will have the resources and knowledge to train the local police department to launch missiles from space. They are responsible for all aspects of security including borders, ports of entry to American interest on foreign soil.


There are three points for the economy in the Peoples Platform:

  1. The government will not regulate business they will police business. Corporate deception is illegal and punishable through criminal and civil penalties. There are 2 sides of a business – the products/services they provide and their moral position within the community.A National Business Network is developed (think of an improved Better Business Bureau) where Americans voice their opinions and seek the advice of others on the quality of every business. No business will make every customer or employee 100% satisfied but how the company reaches out to address issues that makes the difference. If it’s a bad product, poor service or simply not addressing the requirements of their shareholders, a single national network of business information is exchanged about any company that provides the public with the tools to monitor the health of the company’s in the community. The Peoples Platform puts the responsibility of the federal government as a conceptual organization and not a collector and distributor of information. The Peoples Platform organizes the federal government as an organizer of associations that collect and disseminate information in various fields rather than a collection of bureaucrats funding their own special interests.
  2. The concept of “free trade vs. fair trade” has ruined many American businesses. Through the reorganized State Department in association with the National Business Network, free trade will stop and fair trade will begin. No product or service will enter the United States without full disclosure of all costs including subsidies provided by any foreign source – private, public or government. The import tax is equal to the amount of all subsidies.
  3. No more federal or state subsidies. Private businesses and local governments (with their voter’s acceptance) can invest in supporting the development of products and services. If the reward is too risky for private enterprise, then the reward to taxpayers is not worth the risk. However if the reward is worth the risk to voters of a local government, then the voters can pay for the project.