270 Million Paying Health Care Premiums for 30 Million

270 Million Paying Health Care Premiums for 30 Million Let’s not forget the reason health care is not working. Every elected politician ran their campaign based on fixing health care. The number ONE reason American’s agreed with the campaign promises is because of the PRICE OF HEALTH CARE!

Every American that has health care is paying for it. If they do not actually write a check, they are paying for health care by accepting reduced wages. In 2010 the average premium for health care has already starting increasing at over 35%. I spend at least $5,000 per year for my own health insurance. A 35% increase would make my checks increase to $7,290!

• If you pay your union fee’s you won’t realize the cost of this increase until your next wage negotiation since your employer is already committed to paying the increase based on your current deal.

• If you work for a non union company, especially a large one, then you are not likely to see anything more deducted from your paycheck.

• If you are a business owner, then you have some tough decisions to make.

What America’s are forgetting is that $1,890 increase in health care should be going in YOUR POCKET! When health care costs increase someone pays the bill. When your employer is paying all or part of that increase they are making the decision to NOT GIVE YOU A PAY INCREASE!

Someone is already subsidizing your health care unless you (like me) write your own check every month. The price for your health care premium goes up every month. So let us not forget that the rising cost of health care in the number one issue!

The Democratic leaders plan has forgotten the original reason Americans voted for their health care plan. If you don’t believe me take a look at Obama’s own web site (http://www.barackobama.com/issues/). Take a look at his words for health care:

“We must fix a broken health care system to do what’s right for America and renew our economy — individuals and businesses can no longer afford the crippling cost of health coverage, and millions of Americans have no coverage at all. Health insurance must work for people and businesses, not just insurance and drug companies.”

The first statement is “CAN NO LONGER AFFORD!” Yet there is nothing in his proposed plan to control the cost of health care. What his plan does is create a TRILLION DOLLAR program that uses tax dollars that YOU and I contribute to pay for those without insurance. The result is the 270 million Americans who can afford insurance pay for the 30 million without.

I do not want to pay more of the money I work for to support those that do not want to work. This is just another program sharing the wealth of my efforts. When will it stop?

I agree our health care system needs help and with the help of others, we have created the Peoples Health Care Plan (http://DOI2.com?p=518) that meets Obama’s objectives by focusing on controlling costs. IT CAN BE DONE!

Please make the effort to notify your elected officials to remember their campaign promises. Controlling Costs is the solution not more taxes.

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