The primary focus of the Federal Government must be to support the PEOPLE. Supporting the PEOPLE supports the business which in turn support the Economy.

The Peoples Stimulus

The People’s Stimulus provides over $16,000 per year to the average American homeowner. This is not a $500 tax rebate check or a $45 per paycheck tax stimulus. This is not a Federal program that builds roads and bridges with the labor of Americans who used to be owners of businesses. The People’s Stimulus,The People’s Platform and the Declaration of Independence (V2), provides the foundation for long term stability for all American’s.

The financial  chaos is created by Government regulations giving the perception that the Government had everything under control. We believe  the Government established  rules, laws, regulations and other acts to enhance the wealth of a few at the expense of the many!

To resolve the crisis, the People believe that providing financial relief to Corporations is wrong. We believe that providing billions of dollars to Corporations only support and reward corporate greed and Government failures.  We the People demand the ability to control our own destiny through simple programs designed to improve our quality of life and not the lives of Corporate Executives and Government officials.

The principles of the People’s Stimulus must be implemented now without delay.

1. Mortgage: Place a cap on all mortgages for 5 years not to exceed 3%.

  • On a $300K home loan this will save the American homeowner $874 per month / $10,488 yr year / $52,440 per 5 years.
  • By reducing the rate on mortgages, tens of millions of Americans will have the cash in their pockets which will benefit the economy in three powerful ways:

Savings: The American economy has struggled for decades as Americans lived on debt. The ability to borrow money has made the rich richer and everybody else poorer. Those at the top of the money chain collect interest from everyone else thus creating a society of forced servitude – slavery in a 21st century format. A society which spends less than they make has the ability to determine their own destiny and they are not at the mercy of the wealthy.

Spending: By saving the average American over $10,488per year, the People have the right to decide to save or spend. Spending part of their savings will create jobs and save many companies from failing. Buyers will return to the local farmers market, plumbers and car dealerships that are not in-line for Government handouts.

Home Values: A cap on mortgage interest will allow millions of Americans to stay in their houses drastically dropping the foreclosure rates nationwide. With fewer homes on the market, the price of homes will stabilize.

2. Credit Cards: Place a  8% cap on all credit card interest  for 5 years.

  • The American with $20K in credit card debt will save almost $500 per month / $6,000 per year/ $30,000 per 5 years.

3. Criminal Penalties: To protect the American People, corporations must be penalized for their crimes. Penalties must be imposed on the executives of any Company that fails to comply.

4. Retirement: Eliminate any caps on retirement investments. The current limits placed on individual contributions to 401K and other retirement programs creates unreal expectations and burdens on Social Security. The People must have the choice to place an unlimited amount of their current income into an authorized retirement fund. This allows the People to contribute more during profitable years and less during lean years with the overall effect of creating a much more stable economic environment for many Americans who must become less dependent on Social Security.

5. Unemployment: The current unemployment payment process financially ruins any recipient within 90 days by doing exactly the opposite of what our economy requires. Unemployment insurance limits the income of the recipient to a fraction of what they made when employed. Within weeks of becoming unemployed the person has collected unemployment and depleted their savings and frequently maxed their credit. The People deserve the right to preserve their dignity and the unemployment rules must allow:

  • Unemployment payments continue for 6 months when a job is taken at less pay.
  • Access to all employee unemployment contributions not just the last 3 years
  • Ability to adjust monthly distributions without the current caps
  • Allow for no taxes on early distributions of retirement funds when unemployed for 120 days or longer

6. Charity: Allow tax deductions for 100% for charitable contributions to U.S. charitable organizations. The People demand that every individual be allowed to support their own beliefs and distribute their own money as required by those in need:

  • Governments are not efficiently operated and therefore not capable of distributing funds collected from everyone to be distributed to those in need. The majority of money they collect goes to Government employees and not to the people who the money is intended to support.
  • The current limit on charitable contributions prohibits the average American tax payer from supporting the charities of their choice. The People have the right to contribute funds to the organizations that are efficient and support worthwhile causes. The current limit on charitable deductions forces the Government as our only choice to support those that need help. By eliminating the cap on charitable contributions Americans can make their own decisions who to support.

7. Medical: Allow tax deductions for 100% of medical expenses. The best form of medical insurance is one that provides the People a choice – to select the provider, type, and quality of service they require. Regardless if the employee or employer pays for these services, 100% of the cost of the insurance premium and actual out of pocket expenses must be tax deductible.

The People of the United States of America created this Platform to define the actions we believe will create change that affects individual Americans and not large international companies. We believe in the freedom of every individual citizen as established by the Constitution of the United States of America. The points contained herein establish an economic stimulus program where the People are the first priority.

We demand every elected official adopt these principles immediately and stop sending our tax dollars to the large and greedy corporations. Provide relief to the People to SPREAD THE WEALTH NOT SHARE THE WEALTH.

We the People are demanding our Government returns not only to the ideologies of the Constitution but to create an environment where the ideals become reality – where change isn’t an adjective – it’s a verb.

The American dream is about opportunity. Opportunity to fulfill dreams not constricted by endless regulations but realized when every individual learns how to make our society better. The combined results of all American’s dreams create a society that is open and free.

Return the power of choice to the People!

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