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“The first responsibility of any president is to protect the American people…They will implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission to ensure that our brave police, fire, and paramedic professionals have the equipment, training and support they need. They will invest the resources necessary to improve our emergency preparedness and planning; increase the security of our transit systems, rail lines, and ports; and secure chemical and nuclear plants and other critical infrastructure. As president, Barack Obama will enhance our national resilience to all major risks – natural, accidental or terrorist – by ensuring the federal government works with states, localities and the private sector as a true partner in prevention, mitigation and response. “
–    Barak Obama

“The only constitutional power provided to the President is the protection of the American people. The responsibility of the President is to provide the leadership and direction to the State and Local governments allowing Americans to live safely in their chosen communities.”
–    Bryant Delaney,

Department of Home Land Security – New
A national network of security equipment, processes and procedures is a responsible course of action to protect the American people in the generation of unknown threats that go far beyond guns, tanks and bombs. As the United States funds the advancement of weaponry we create new more powerful means of destruction. Each level of advancement opens older generations of weapons to the black market where they are sold to our enemies. The sales of U.S. weapons to foreign countries create arsenals of weapons and knowledge that eventually are used against Americans.
Warfare is a specialized knowledge and expertise that takes generations to master. With so many different agencies of the U.S. government involved in different aspects of protecting the American people, our knowledge, expertise and resources are being divided into too small segments to be 100% effective.
To extract the highest possible benefits from tax dollars, the Department of Homeland Security is dissolved however the majority of its goals and objectives are retained. A single entity – the Department of Defense – is given the responsibility to develop the safety net for all Americans.
The President will provide the leadership and direction where the Department of Defense studies our current and potential enemies and their threats to Americans domestic and internationally. This knowledge evolves into strategic plans that include equipment, processes and resources for every possible threat.

$61,282 Budget
218,501 Employees
$0 Budget
Unknown Employees
$61,282 Budget
Unknown Employees


69% – FAIL

Table of Contents
Department of Home Land Security – New
Department of Home Land Security – Current
Top 5 Programs by Budget
Strategic Goals – Overview
Strategic Goal 1: Protect our Nation from Dangerous People
Strategic Goal 2: Protect our Nation from Dangerous Goods
Strategic Goal 4: Strengthen Our Nation’s Preparedness and Emergency Response Capabilities
Strategic Goal 5: Strengthen and Unify DHS Operations and Management
Organization Chart
Mission, Goals and Objectives
Every day DHS works diligently to:

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