Osama Creates American Pride

At a time when capitals in other countries are filled with citizens protesting their government, Americans fill our streets with celebrations. They are not celebrating our Government they are celebrating justice. The killer of more than 6,000 Americans was killed by guns held by Americans.

The killer of thousands dead on 911 plus the deaths of thousands in the uniforms of American military have been vindicated. Osama has been tried, convicted and punished for his crimes. Tens of thousands of families and hundreds of millions of American’s feel the relief now that an evil soul has left our world for ever.

It is time to shed joyous tears in hopes of fading the blood stains. It is time to fill the heart with thoughts of respect and awe as we comprehend the effort and cost to catch a killer. It took hundreds of thousand of soldiers and months short of a decade. Nearly every American family contributed someone to the effort.

The time is now to build a long lasting memory of the change in our emotions as war protestors turn into parties in the streets. We can only hope those that decry the cost of Freedom feel the power and passion streaming across American from one American to the next.  501 is as important as 911 as it is the genesis for change in the pride of being an American.

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