How to Grow Your Business on Government Dollars

If Walmart and McDonald’s can do it, why not me?

Read this story: How McDonald’s And Walmart Became Welfare Queens.

McDonald’s provides assistance to their employee’s on how to get Government subsidies. Ever wonder what would happen if the minimum wage increased substantially – like adding $3 an hour to the current rate. I always thought the price of the hamburger would go up, and a Meal Deal will likely be $10. But that’s only part of the story.

Increasing wages are directly attributed to increases prices. No business is making enough profits to swallow the increase. It is always passed on to the buyer of their products or services. So what if minimum wage increases? Everything else does too so the net effect is zero. So why bother?

Another interesting story about Walmart. 60 Minutes did a story about a small down (I think in Kentucky) where more than half the residents are on some form of Government subsidy. The store is nearly empty except when the Government checks are received.

So what could all this mean?

  • Any business can hire part time workers and get away with it because the Government provides monetary assistance.
  • Any business can build a foundation to support low income populations and are almost guaranteed the same revenue and profits month after month.

Not my ideal job but it is working for many. Maybe its time to buy stock in these Company’s. Without some real (hope and) change, my increasing tax dollars are going to be making their profits.

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