Are you tired of tax increases?

Why do taxes increase? Because the politicians in office are not doing their job.

Think about it. If a CEO of a company constantly ran out of money, how long would he/she be CEO?

A politician (a person elected to a position) hires or appoints people to run each department, their number one priority to to provide services to those that elected them. But the #2 priority is often forgotten – provide the services within the budget.

When populations increase so does the income from taxes. When populations decrease, so does the income from taxes.

So why does every election always include bonds and other forms of increasing income to the government?

Granted politicians elected today have to deal with bad decisions made by their predecessors but eventually raising taxes has to stop. We the People need to stop electing officials who believe in any type or form of tax increase.

If you agree with ending tax increases, always vote NO an any tax increase or bond.

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