The Peoples Platform

The Peoples Platform

The principles of the Peoples Platform are based on the Constitution – “WE THE PEOPLE”. The government is for and by the People. We must return our government to the people. It’s not about party or politics, its about the People. The People elect representatives – not politicians. The Google definition clearly makes a distinction between the two:

Representative: a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others, in particular.

Politician: a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

Freedom is not about the rights of one but the rights of the collective – the “People”. The constitution of the United States of America was carefully crafted to create a representative government. As time goes by, its up to the People to understand and defend their rights.

Understanding our rights is more difficult than defending them. We have the right to a government that represents our freedom as a country, not as an individual. Think about it – without a country where does freedom come from?

It takes a country to defend our freedom. If each of us had to defend our rights one on one, 50% of us would loose. That’s why it takes a country – lots of people willing to do what it takes to keep America free. To understand freedom we need to take a serious look at what freedom means to each of us. Free to speak, free to worship, free to work, free to not work – at a personal level, what makes you free?

Let your thoughts dwell on what makes you free, then stop and think about how a government organization can support your vision of freedom. It probably has nothing to do the headlines in our media. Freedom comes from the heart. It’s an emotion, something we internalize because of our surroundings. Put your thoughts into bullet points, you don’t have to determine their importance, but as we progress developing an understanding of our freedom we will gain a better understanding of when, where and how to define our freedom.

Defending our freedom can only begin when we understand what we are fighting for. We can’t elect representatives unless we understand our own personal values – the emotions that become our feeling of being free. Then we will start the realization of how to defend our values.

We have to start somewhere. Politicians (not representatives) use change as an adjective – a word to make something sound good as compared to using change as a verb – meaning it defines an action. Change doesn’t have to take forever, it can and should happen quickly. If we don’t like what’s going on in the political arena, lets change it – now!

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