FRC UPDATE: $182 Billion Saved!

The process of evaluating the cabinet level departments is quite an educational process.  I find it truly amazing that the government has no clue as to what they are doing. When you study the performance reports from each department, the information is so disjointed. The goals and objectives have nothing to do with what is being done.

The Department of Education has very little to do with education – most of its budget goes to food programs.

The Department of Energy provides the most detailed reports but they spend billions on programs that make very little progress during one Presidents term. Then a new President comes in and changes the programs starting all over again.

The Department of Agriculture is a massive mess. Their programs have failed so much that other departments run the same programs, i.e: 14 different agencies are responsible for inspecting food products.

Just evaluating 3 departments, we have outlined more efficient and direct blueprints that save the taxpayers $182B per year!

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